I have been a Texas lawyer for forty-two years and have tried more than sixty jury trials as first chair counsel. As a mediator, I use my personality and knowledge of the law, real estate valuation and litigation to help people settle cases. I mediate in the areas of eminent domain and property tax, primarily. I have also mediated family law matters and commercial disputes.

By way of background, I am the oldest son of my wonderful parents, Bob and Jan Blazi. Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, I grew up playing ice hockey, baseball, and drums in a rock band.

In 1978 I graduated from Notre Dame University with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree. I then went to St. Mary’s University School of Law, where I earned my Juris Doctor. I took the February bar exam and became licensed in Texas in May 1981.

After graduating and passing the bar, I worked for twelve years as a sole proprietor in San Antonio. During that time, I represented clients in primarily criminal defense and family law matters. Upon meeting my future wife, I realized I needed a real job with steady pay and benefits. In 1993, I was lucky enough to land a job at the Transportation Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office. There, I learned all about eminent domain and property valuation. I worked at the Transportation Division for almost twenty-two years, representing the Texas Department of Transportation and other state entities in eminent domain litigation across the state. I eventually became part of the management team, supervising a team of attorneys, assigning their cases, reviewing settlement proposals, and the like.

While at the Transportation Division, I personally handled hundreds of eminent domain cases and tried eleven or twelve jury trials. I obtained jury verdicts on my number three times but did not win every time. I was on the losing side of one of the biggest jury verdicts in Houston (28+million). I was also lead counsel for the State on one of the biggest mediated settlements (63.8 million). I always appreciated the high caliber of the attorneys in the landowner’s bar. Going against them made me a better lawyer.

Upon leaving the Attorney General’s office, I went to work for a well-known firm in San Antonio. There, I gained experience with pipeline and transmission line condemnations.

In April 2020, I opened my mediation practice. I currently offer mediation services in the areas of eminent domain, property tax, family law, attorney fee disputes, debt collection, landlord-tenant, and other business matters, statewide.