I offer mediation services in the areas of eminent domain, property tax, family law, attorney-client fee disputes, debt claims, landlord-tenant disputes, various business disputes, and other civil matters.

I mediate throughout the State of Texas. Mediations can be held in person, by Zoom, or in a hybrid format. Half day mediations are done only in the Austin area or by Zoom.

Fees for mediations in these various areas, and my background in those areas, are as follows:

Eminent Domain

I learned about eminent domain once I started working at the Attorney General’s office. Of all the areas I mediate in, I have the most experience with eminent domain. My fees for mediating an eminent domain case are:

  • 2 parties, full day: $1,500 per side
  • 2 parties, half day, by Zoom: $750 per side
  • Fees for cases involving additional parties available upon request

Property Tax

Once I started mediating, I learned about property tax appeals. I researched the law, took a seminar through the Comptroller’s Office, and consulted with several friends who practiced in that area. Since I was already familiar with the three approaches to value from my eminent domain work, it was not hard to add property tax appeals as a complement to my mediation practice. I understand what a loaded cap rate is, how “equity” arguments work, and am familiar with some of the unique issues associated with the appraisal of agricultural land. My fees for mediating a property tax case are:

  • 2 parties, full day: $1,000 per side
  • 2 parties, half day: $500 per side

Family Law

I learned family law primarily through working for myself back in the 1980s, and then while doing volunteer work for Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas. I participate in many VLS phone clinics, take cases on occasion, and attend VLS seminars on family law issues. I also attend State Bar family law seminars and am a frequent attendee at Judge Hays’s (Associate Judge – Hays County) Wednesday afternoon office hours sessions where he discusses recent family law cases and their impact. I am conversant with family law issues and can act as a mediator in those cases. My fees for family law mediations are:

  • Full day: $750 per side
  • Half day: $500 per side

Other Types of Business Disputes

Through volunteering at the Central Texas Dispute Resolution Center, I have mediated an attorney fee dispute case, a debt claim case, and a landlord-tenant case. I feel competent to mediate cases in those areas along with other areas involving general business disputes. My fees for mediating those types of cases are:

  • 2 parties, full day: $1,000 per side
  • 2 parties, half day: $500 per side